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I do my best to respond to emails as quickly as possible, but due to the traffic in my inbox I may not respond to mass mailings (or emails assumed to be such). If you’re interested in providing a book for review please take a look at the sort of books I’ve written about in the past to determine if I’m an apt audience for your project. If so, drop me a note and I’ll get back to you with my availability and interest as soon as I’m able. Thanks for connecting!

Review requests are currently closed.

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  5. Your C.S. Lewis quote caught my eye. Why? Because many years ago, during a random search at a library, I picked up a book called “A Mind Awake,” which I mistook to be a compilation of readings by the mystic Edgar Cayce. It turned out to be an anthology of C.S. Lewis. The mistake was life-changing. “A Mind Awake” re-calibrated my thinking away from research into spiritualism and towards a position where I could seriously consider the claims of Christianity. Some years back, to honor his memory, I made a pilgrimage to The Kilns, Lewis’ home in Oxford. Because of our tour guide’s connections, I had the good fortune to be shown around the house by Douglas Gresham, whose mother Joy married Lewis. Spending time with Gresham (even as part of a group) was an adventure. He’s a swashbuckler. Dashing. Articulate. Mesmerizing. Quite an experience. If you ever get a chance to visit The Kilns, please do so. It is memorable—like wandering into a wardrobe and ending up in a land of child-like enchantment.

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